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We’ve all done it… Trying to clean the bathroom taps from an awkward angle but struggling to get the spray to work... Or trying to squeeze that last drop of perfume from a bottle… It’s annoying. Traditional pump sprays have two such fundamental design flaws it’s a wonder we’ve put up with them for so long:
1) They only work upright. As soon as you change they stop.

2) It’s impossible to get the last bit of product out the bottle.

ANYWAY® is the solution to these frustrations - a pump spray that can be used at any angle and without leaving any wasted liquid at the bottom of the container. A simple concept, but one with enormous practical and environmental benefit, I hope you agree.

Michael Pritchard


Michael Pritchard's ANYWAY® fuels Dragons' fire

Dragons Den


Michael Pritchard impressed TV Dragons Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis with his ANYWAY® concept, with them offering him a £125k deal to give them each a 10% stake in the company. Michael sought investment to support him in selling the licensing rights to the innovative dip tube to trigger spray manufacturers.

To see Michael in the Den click here.

Much has happened since the Den 2 years ago.  This site will be updated in the next few months but for the moment we are really busy prepairing for a new launch towards the end of this year.  Check back then to find out more.



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